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I have played with the idea of establishing an international tennis academy during my professional career. I knew that tennis career does not last forever. Tennis is a very demanding sport, but even nicer. Therefore, I decided that my several years of tennis experience I can use in my own tennis academy.

I started playing tennis as a 5 years old. My professional career in the tennis world lasted 12 years. I engage by coaching approximately 3 years. Therefore, I think, and also I feel, that my mission is giving my acquisitional experience to next tennis champions. I firmly believe that I will help gamers to suffer the beauty and achievements of the white sport.

From my own sports skills I advocate the view that today's generation need outside of school, work and everyday business, they do a sport. Tennis brings them both success and fame. Features such as constancy of purpose, self-discipline and quick response are the domain of this sport. Property of tennis help you in everyday life baits.

I look forward to seeing you soon - Henrieta.

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